We at ROCKYS M.I.C.E. cater to groups ranging from 10 to 100. This enables us to offer our personalized service and give you utmost value for money.

We at ROCKYS M.I.C.E. are motivated. We are passionate. We are creative. And most important of all we are organised. Presenting years of experience and exceptional support for your M.I.C.E. initiative.

We are a division of ROCKYS with over 3 decades of expertise in the entertainment & events. We are here to create a WHOA factor event after event. And help you design an unforgettable M.I.C.E. (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Events) experience.

ROCKYS M.I.C.E. is a creative team of professionals offering unique tailored M.I.C.E. solutions to companies and individuals. With over 3 decades of expertise in the field, we provide the highest quality service at a reasonable price that meet your corporate goals.

A globally recognized M.I.C.E. advisors, ROCKYS M.I.C.E. is an organisation with a wide reach. Our corporate office located in Goa (INDIA) and representative in Dubai (UAE) make it possible. This enables us to be with you at every stage, right from planning till execution and helps us create a M.I.C.E. experience which is WHOA-ilicious.

Meetings:Meetings tells a lot about an organisation. This is one place where

discussions happen and decisions are made. Thus, making Meetings a crucial tool to accelerate your company’s growth.That’s why, planning a successful meeting requires professional experience. ROCKYS M.I.C.E. offers a complete Meeting solutions. From venue selection to accommodation, our professional staff will take care of every aspect of your upcoming event.

PLANNING: Productivity is never an accident. It is a direct outcome of planning. This is what we believe in and this is what we stress upon. Proper planning should translate into creating a right atmosphere.  And so ROCKYS M.I.C.E. works with you at each of the following step to design a program that will be unique and memorable.

– Program Development
– Scheduling
– Ground Transportation and Transfers
– Accommodation
– Contract Management
– Social Activities
– Tours

SITE SELECTION: ROCKYS M.I.C.E. will help you select the most appropriate venues for your meeting. That includes taking care of all of the details to the last T.

– Venue Selection
– Catering
– Decorations
– Music & Performances
– Audio Visual

ON-SITE MANAGEMENT:  Our professional staff will be on-site to ensure that all aspects of your event go smoothly and exceed your your expectations.

– Registration
– Logistics
– Set-up
– Schedule Management

Incentives​: ‘Incentives’ play a great role to facilitate Team Cohesiveness. They are events designed to motivate participants and increase the effectiveness of a team with a common experience.

Incentives lead to action and intensity. and never be a standard program. Its effectiveness lies in the originality and access to exclusive products. An access that only ROCKYS M.I.C.E can make it easy.

From your specifications, ROCKYS M.I.C.E. will create an incentive that fits with the image of your business. An activity in which delivering the best value for your money is the #1 priority.

PLANNING: Incentive is flexible format. Its impact lies in the originality. Every little thing has to look, sound and feel exclusive. 

From your specifications, ROCKYS M.I.C.E. will create an incentive that’s in-sync with the image of your business. Our greatest value is to know how to sublimate your event taking into account your budget.

SITE SELECTION: ROCKYS M.I.C.E. provides the best solutions for the organization when it comes to the choice of location, transportation, accommodation, programs, tours, excursions, restaurants, entertainment, activities, etc.

ON-SITE MANAGEMENT: ROCKYS M.I.C.E. also offers a wide selection of team-building activities. Whether your group prefers adventure or arts, we can build a fun, challenging, and unique team-building activity for them.

Conferences​: Announcing results, revealing new directions and creating a platform for exchanging ideas, Conferences play a big role in doing so.

ROCKYS M.I.C.E offers you a space equipped with all the required technical aid (audio, lighting and video) so your audience can follow your actions in the best conditions. So there goes the pressure and stress out of the event planning. Rely on ROCKYS M.I.C.E for planning, customising and delivering a Conference of the highest calibre.

PLANNING:ROCKYS M.I.C.E. will help you plan everything and make your dream conference a reality. Where will your delegate stay? How will they commute? What cuisine will suit them the best? Where will the conference be held? We will plan everything and get it done.

SITE SELECTION: The choice of venue is key to the overall success of your conference. Whether you are looking for a World Class Convention Centre or a suave banquet hall, ROCKYS M.I.C.E will advice on the ideal location. We will take all the stress off your mind whether you need a last minute local meeting room, facilities for a large scale conference, or a venue and hotel rooms for several hundred delegates.

ON-SITE MANAGEMENT: The day of the event is the time when the fate is sealed. The Conference is either a great success to remember or then a mediocre affair that no one wants to remember.

But when you shake hands with ROCKYS M.I.C.E., we make sure that your conference is nothing less than a grand affair. That’s because everything we do is what we had promised. The decor, the ambience, everything is impeccable.So when it comes to organising conferences, leave the running around to us. You just be ready to see happy face all around you thanking you from the bottom of their heart.

Corporate Events: Cementing business relations and expediting deals.These two motives are the core of any corporate event.

A corporate event is a chance to promote your company or your product. It is a platform to where your brand can speak to its audience, both internal and external. It is an ideal device to increase staff motivation and trigger performance improvement.

So let us know what is your event?​

Product Launch? Award Night? Gala Dinner?

We have solutions for everything

PLANNING:ROCKYS M.I.C.E. can plan a flawless events that allow optimal opportunity to build employee and client relationships, while alleviating the stress of work functions or corporate entertaining.

PROGRAMME ORGANISATION:ROCKYS M.I.C.E. creative event organizers ensure effectiveness to create inspirational events.

– Give your participants an unforgettable experience

– Team building activities: creative, fun and perfect for improving staff performance and allowing teams to gel

– Corporate parties, family day, evening entertainment and celebrations to reward staff and celebrate success

– V.I.P. hospitality: great to treat key clients and build relationships

– Corporate activity days at a fantastic range of venues