Elvis tribute for wedding in goa, Elvis for gold jubilee anniversary in goa


A professional Elvis tribute artist, have performed in various cities around the world including Memphis, Las Vegas, Belfast, Dublin, Portugal, Germany to name a few. Was invited to perform at Memphis last August during the anniversary of Elvis death and it went down that well.

There are a lot of Elvis tributes out there doing there show but not many of them will leave you wanting more, his show is of the finest tribute to the greatest entertainer that has ever lived. He does shows all around the UK in theatres to audiences of all ages. A huge success with his recent performance in DUBAI.

The costumes that Craig  use of Is the highest quality, made by the same makers and designers as made Elvis suits. The company is called B&K and are based in the USA; Craig has a choice of 15 different suits which Elvis wore during his Las Vegas shows.

Craig also had the privilege of performing at Graceland during Elvis week which is held every August to celebrate the life of Elvis Presley, it is attended by some 100000 people and this coming August which will be the 35th anniversary of Elvis death there will be in excess of 250000 people attending Elvis week and again he had the honor of being selected to perform to celebrate Elvis life

Craig’s Show is a recreation of Elvis shows from Las Vegas covering the years 1969-1977, below are a selection of songs he performs. Craig has performed tribute to Elvis all over Europe, USA, Dubai¬† and also had the pleasure of performing in front of a crowd of 10000 people at Chester racecourse.

Television appearances include Gmtv and BBC1 UK, CNN and The Memphis News USA


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